"A denturist is a recognized health professional who designs, constructs, inserts and adjusts dentures."

Welcome to the website sponsored by the Denturist Society of Saskatchewan. It is our goal to continually improve and regulate our members, and thereby increasing the standard of care to the general public. We as a group hold our members accountable to provide excellent dental care to the public and we strive to be accessible to the public to receive their feedback.

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Remember to Smile !

Your smile leaves a lasting impression on everyone you encounter. So why not give it the attention it deserves. When it comes to dentures, your denturist is the artist who can reconstruct the proper smile for you. Beautiful, natural and perfect just for you.

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A denturist is the dental professional to answer all of your questions about your dentures. But did you know they can also help people with a few missing teeth, or people who need to get their dental health back on track. Maybe it’s time you or someone you love goes to see a denturist.

Self-Regulating Professions

In Saskatchewan, there are 27 health-related professions with the authority to regulate theirprofession. Saskatchewan Health and the Network of Interprofessional Regulatory Organizations (NIRO) are committed to ensuring that people are well served and protected from any risk of harm. Licensing and regulating health professions assures an accountability by:

  1. ensuring that the health professional is qualified to practise;
  2. setting standards of practice and a code of ethics that the health professional must follow;
  3. requiring the health professionals to be registered and licensed to use the title of the profession and/or perform certain services;
  4. investigating complaints/reports about the professional and taking corrective and or disciplinary action if necessary.

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